1. These general terms and conditions apply to the Cyborg Challenge 2018, including the exhibition ROBOT LOVE Eindhoven 2018 /Cyborg Catwalk, hereafter ‘the challenge’.

2. By submitting to the challenge, the participant agrees to these terms and conditions.

3. The Dutch Design Foundation and Niet Normaal Foundation are the parties organizing the challenge, hereafter “the organizing parties”.

4. All organizing parties can disqualify participants not complying to terms & conditions.

5. All communication in relation to the challenge, including submitting entries, must be in Dutch or English.

1. Participation in this challenge is open to everyone with a great idea/concept that fits the requirements to this call.

2. Employees and interns of the organizing parties and other parties that are involved in organizing the challenge, including but not limited to consultants, suppliers and advisors, are excluded from participation.

3. The participant agree that the organizing parties reserve the right to publish submissions entries (including but not limited to prototypes, names, images, sketches) on the ROBOT LOVE website and promotional material of the challenge and to use the prototypes/designs for the exhibition. The organizing parties shall acknowledge the name of the participant whenever possible.

4. There will be no consultations possible to the jury or the organizing parties about the outcome of the challenge or the selection of entries for the exhibition.

5. There will be no (written) correspondence about the outcome, quality and/or assessment of the submitted design entries to the challenge, other than to the designers/participants selected for the exhibition and/or prize (maximum Top 15).

6. The selected participant designers will be approached to develop their ideas and design proposals for the exhibition; the selected participants agree to develop and finish their prototypes for the exhibition according to the advice and feedback of organizer Niet Normaal Foundation.

7. Submitted design entries and the finished prototypes of the Top 15 participants become on loan for ROBOT LOVE/Cyborg Catwalk until the end of the exhibition. The organizing parties reserve the right to keep the design entries and prototypes on loan at no cost beyond such date, if the exhibition is extended or additional (traveling) exhibition opportunities arise. The submitted entries and prototypes will be returned to the participants as soon as possible after closing the exhibition.

8. Entries to the challenge other than the selected Top 15 are not returned.

9. The sum of € 1.000 prize for the winning designs is meant as an investment for the further development of the prototype for the challenge. The winning participants must provide proof of such investment to the organizing parties within 6 months.

Intellectual property rights

1. By submitting an entry to the competition, the participant explicitly warrants that he/she does not infringe any (author) rights of third parties.

2. The participant shall indemnify the organizing parties with respect to all claims and any expense, liability and damage, which may be incurred on the ground that the design entry is in alleged or actual infringement of anyone’s copyright or that is otherwise unlawful or in violation of the rights of any other party.

3. The participant remains the author of the (design) entry and prototype and is the owner of all intellectual property rights, including the copyright, vested in the design. At the request of the press or other comparable institutions, the organizers shall be entitled to pass on to them the contribution mad available for the purpose of reporting and publishing about the idea/concept for the Call for Cyborgs competition.

4. The participant grants the organizing parties a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use, publish and reproduce all the material, information and images of the design entry and prototypes free of charge, through the universe in any and all media, for promotion purposes of the challenge or otherwise, at their own discretion. The organizing parties shall not be held liable for any omission of the participant’s name as author of the design entry or prototype.

1. The organizing are involved are not responsible for any damage whatsoever, directly or indirectly, to participants regarding this challenge.

2. The organizing parties cannot be held responsible for any costs made by the participants in relation to their participation in the challenge.

3. Participants are responsible for arranging transportation and delivery, at their own cost and expense, of the entry submission to the challenge and to the exhibition.

4. Despite the highest level of care that the organizers take into account to display accurate information regarding the challenge, the organization cannot be held responsible for displaying incomplete or incorrect information. 

Any and all liability of the organizing parties shall be limited to reparation or replacement costs of the entries’ prototypes as covered by the insurance provisions in place during the exhibition.

Concluding provisions

1. Any disputes or claims against the organizing parties must be asserted in written form.

2. The organizing parties and the participant will endeavor to settle any dispute amicably. If amicable resolution is not achieved, any dispute between the parties shall be settled before a competent Dutch court, also when participants are not residents of the Netherlands.


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